George Fox Classic this Sat (Oct 15)**bus loads 7:30am; storm moves race schedule to morning, please read**

Updated Friday… The race schedule is being moved to the morning to avoid afternoon storm…

Due to the weather we have made some CHANGES to tomorrow’s Schedule

Load Bus in front of Sheldon: 7:30 am

NEW Race Schedule:

JV Girls: 10:00
JV Boys: 10:40
Varsity Girls: 11:20
Varsity Boys: 11:50

Return time/Bus leave: 12:30 and back to Sheldon around 2:00 approx.

The Race Director has condensed the schedule and Sheldon is competing in the first possible races available to hopefully beat the terrible weather.
We will hope for the best in terms of the weather!!

For the athletes that planned on competing tomorrow this will be the new schedule. If you do not want your son/daughter to compete please let us know.
(This applies to only the athletes that were competing Saturday 10/15.)


Erin & Brayce

Here are some notes for the week ahead:

Practice Schedule: This week there is an early release day Thursday and No school on Friday-We will hold our practice at the same time, 3:45-due to Coaches’ work schedules.

There will be team pasta dinner on Thursday October 11th –The dinner will be at Jesse Christofferson’s home-flyer will be handed out at practice-We encourage the team to attend! Thanks to the Christofferson & Bruns families for hosting!!

The George Fox XC Classic meet is this Saturday
Location: Willamette Mission State Park, 10991 Wheatland Road NE.  Gervais, Oregon 97026
Click here for meet info on

Thanks to all who have responded as to whether your son/daughter is competing. Thus far I have the following not participating:  By last name: Brooks, Chase, Diama, Dougherty, Dunne, Erving, Forrest, Gallagher, Garcia, Girard, Gorham, Gorham, Hall, Horn, Knapp, Kongsore, Laings, Litchfield, Littleton, Montenegro, Nadeau, Norton, Ramage, Sandersons, Schaefers, N. Shedd, Watson.

We know that the Sheldon Homecoming Dance is being held that evening.  Athletes competing and who wish to get back early for Homecoming are welcome to ride home with parents-Please let coaches know ASAP!

Athletes not competing does not guarantee participation in following meet; coaches will determine entries for XC meet on 10/19.

We are coming to the close of our season, with only 12 more practice days. It is that time of year to make sure they are doing the right things and taking care of themselves in their diet, rest, homework & attending practice. We reminded them about the commitment they made joining the team and making XC a priority.

Thanks, Erin & Brayce