Week of Oct 17-22: Pasta at Kongsore’s Tuesday, Country Fair Classic this Wednesday (bus loads 1:30pm)

Hi all,

The Race is on for Wednesday! We have been waiting on final confirmation of the race due to weather, but the race is on!

Here are some notes for the week:

Tuesday: Team Dinner at Kari Kongsore’s home—-750 Club Way-6:00 pm

New this week: NO Desserts please

9th-Bring a drink, salad or bread…your choice
11th-Salads, dressing or fruit

Wednesday-Race day at the Country Fair-Elmira
Click here for meet info on Athletic.net

Directions to the Fair Grounds
Address: 24550 Chickadee Lane, Veneta, OR 97487
From Veneta on Hwy 126, turn north onto Territorial Hwy. Go apprx. one mile and turn west on to Suttle road. (The Hilltop Market sits at the junction) Go west about 2-3 miles, and turn south on to the next road past Aero road.

(This is a testing day at school, but all should be done and have time to grab lunch and load the bus to XC meet)

Load Bus: 1:30
Leave: 1:45

Race Schedule:
JV Girls: 3:45
JV Boys: 4:30
Varsity Girls: 5:00
Varsity Boys: 5:30

1 Bus will return to Sheldon
**They are encouraging families to carpool out to the site due the very wet grounds and limited parking***

Wednesday-Team Fundraiser Papa’s Night
Click here for Papa’s Pizza Flyer

Please feel free to share with friends, family, Co-workers to enjoy some pizza!!

50% of proceeds of the days sales with Flyer go the Sheldon XC program.
Next week is the final District meet at LCC on 10/27/16!

Let me know if you have any questions…

Erin & Brayce