Spring 2020 Updates

First and foremost, we hope you’re all staying healthy and safe during this time of uncertainty.

We know some of our athletes may choose to continue training while school is not in session and the season is on hold. This is a decision that each athlete and their parent(s) should make on their own, with the knowledge that our coaching staff is neither encouraging or discouraging athletes from continuing to train in a limited capacity. For individual athletes who choose to engage in some limited training on their own, we’ve provided some general training options that mirror what each event group would have likely been doing if this was a normal season. If individual athletes choose to continue training, we strongly encourage that to happen alone or in small groups that fit within the guidelines outlined by the state of Oregon.

Each event coach will periodically post updated notes and general fitness programs. Athletes, please remember that these should not be interpreted as prescribed workouts; they are simply suggestions for the type of exercise you could do if you and your family feel it’s appropriate.

• General Updates and Announcements from Coach Erin

• Throwers

• Sprinters, Hurdlers, Jumpers & Pole Vaulters

• Distance Runners