Shamrock MSXC 2015 – Regular Practice begins Tuesday Aug. 18th

Hello MSXC Families,
The “regular/official” Shamrock Middle School Club Cross Country will begin on Tuesday, August 18th at 9:00am.  We will meet at Sheldon High School for the the first practice and then I would like to meet at Pre’s Trail for other practices up until school starts, but we will need a few more parent volunteers to pull that off- a few extra adults who are willing to stand out on the trail as a check point for kids so they don’t get lost or feel over-whelmed at first.  (It is pretty simple, but even adults can get a little turned around if you not familiar and we want to be sure the kids’ first experience is positive and we keep an eye on them).
NOTE:  It would be GREAT if kids can wear their own watch to every practice 🙂 You can pick up a simple watch with a timer at Target or other stores- nothing super fancy, just need to be able to time!
Tuesday August 18th9:00- 10:15 am Sheldon HS Track
Thursday August 20th- 9:00- 10:15 am Alton Baker Park (assuming some parent volunteers can help)
Friday August 21st-  Run OR watch the Pre’s Trail XC community race 6:00pm @ Alton Baker Park
Tuesday August 25th 9:00am at Sheldon HS Track
Thursday August 27th 9:00am at Alton Baker Park
Friday August 28th 9:00 am at Sheldon HS Track
Tuesday Sept 1st 9:00am at Sheldon HS Track
Thursday Sept 3rd 9:00am at Alton Baker Park
Friday Sept 4th – (optional) go watch Sheldon HS XC team race at Fern Ridge (4-6pm)
Saturday Sept 5th- MAYBE a practice
once school starts, practices will be at 4:15 at Sheldon HS track.  First Meet is early September… schedule soon!!
Go team!!